Government job 2022 in Bangladesh

The government job is a golden deer. This job is not for everyone. And on his forehead, he gets a thing called a golden deer.
And today’s article is for those who agree with the demand to raise the age of government service to 35. Today I will highlight in front of you the issues of how to increase the age of entry into government service and who will benefit if it is increased.
A government job is like getting a golden deer which is a result of a lot of effort and hard work. Today I will present the news of that government job to you.

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Organization Name: Directorate of Primary Education (DPE)

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  • MCQ Exam Date (1st to 4th Phase): December 2021
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Government job news

If you understand the age of government service, you will be able to see who benefits and what benefits. Let’s take a look at what is in this chapter of today’s government job.

  • The benefit of government service age 35
  • What are the benefits of raising the age of government service to 35?
  • Since when is the age to enter the job going to be 35?
  • What you need to study for a government job.
  • When will the age of entry into the job be 35?
  • What will be the benefit of car service in 35?

All of the above topics are there. Let’s talk about the issues without increasing the age of entry into today’s government service.

Government job news 2022

Advantages of raising the age of government service to 35:
Yes, at the age of 35, the forehead of an unemployed person can be opened because that is exactly what it is. You are 26 years old when you complete your studies. And at the age of 26, you have to take separate education or preparation to enter your job. In the case of Bangladesh, if the mother is over 30 years of age, she can no longer enter the government service. Which became a frustration for educated unemployed youth and a threat to his career formation. So for unemployed youth in a government job or employment

Who agrees to raise the age of government service to 35?

Increasing the age of entry is becoming very urgent.

What are the benefits of increasing age:

What are the benefits of increasing age:

With age, these unemployed youths will no longer have to face disappointment. Mae is a 30-year-old government employee who has to end her career because if she can’t get a job at this age, it’s nothing but frustration for educated unemployed youth. Therefore, in order to overcome this frustration for the unemployed youth, it is very necessary to increase the working-age of the government of the country. If the age increases, the rate of unemployment will decrease. The country will be a developing country. Which is a very good aspect for the government and the people of the country.

Study for government job:

A job seeker has to prepare for the job test before finishing his studies at the academy. And to test this job you have to study hard. So to study for a job you will need to study very carefully. Let’s take a look at what to read for government jobs.
General knowledge

If you continue to study the above topics and use them in one step, then you are one step ahead in entering your job. What should be emphasized in the above issues?


Bengali is the language of every human being in our country. Hundreds of people in this country have had to give their lives for this language. That is, you can read all the stories and poems of Bengali literature. Besides, various questions come from the grammatical part of Bengal for examination. You will emphasize the bacon part too.
English: English is the language of foreigners. Even if this language is foreign, you have to give importance to it because for this language you will need to communicate with outsiders. What to read from this English for entry into government service. The importance for English is that there are articles, right-form verbs, and more that you need to know and read. So read English for government job without delay very quickly.

সাপ্তাহিক চাকরির নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তি দেখুন এখানে ।

saptahik cakrir dak


Mathematics means calculation. In Bangladesh, it is said that the more mathematics one can do, the better the growth of the head. So you have to do math very fast to get into government service.

General Knowledge:
General knowledge means you have to keep all the things in the country and abroad within yourself. If you can keep all this knowledge in your head, then you can put yourself ahead in many fields in the middle of general knowledge, so you have to read general knowledge very seriously.

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