Italy visa applicaition process 2022

The Italian government has allowed 79,700 migrant workers from various countries, including Bangladesh, to work in various sectors, including agriculture. The Visa Gazette has already been published. From January 26, those interested in coming to Italy on a non-seasonal worker, start-up, or entrepreneurial visa will be able to apply at the designated office.

According to sources at the Bangladesh Embassy in Rome, those interested can apply for seasonal visas (seasonal) and regular visas (non-seasonal).

Meanwhile, Info Migrants has released detailed information on the subject. According to the agency, the Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Planning issued a decree on December 21, 2021, allowing the import of 7,600 migrant workers from several countries, including Bangladesh. Where in which sector how many people and from which countries can come is explained in detail.

The decree was issued in the form of a gadget four days ago, on January 18. According to the published gazette, those interested in coming to Italy on a non-seasonal worker, start-up, or entrepreneurial visa can apply from January 26 at the designated government department. A seasonal visa can be applied from February 1. In both cases, the application deadline is March 18.

Italy visa

These work visas will be issued exclusively to migrant workers from Bangladesh, Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Korea, Ivory Coast, and Egypt.

According to the Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Planning, 14,000 of the total visas will be for seasonal or seasonal visas for agriculture. In addition, 26,000 quotas have been earmarked for sponsors and entrepreneur visas, of which 20,000 quotas will be allocated for the construction sector, roads and communications, and hotel restaurants.

কিভাবে আবেদন করতে হবে এবং কি কি কাগজ পাতি লাগবে বিস্তারিত দেখুন এই ভিডিওতে

Counselor at the Bangladesh Embassy in Rome (Labor Welfare) said. Erfanul Haque said, this is good news for Bangladeshis. In this process, Bangladeshis will easily get the opportunity to enter legally etc.

Italy visa 2022

On January 17, the Bangladesh Embassy in Rome issued a notification regarding the work visa of Italy. It states that only employers or employers residing in Italy can apply for clearance from the designated SPID (Public Digital Identity System) e-mail specifying the name, passport, and other information of the person they wish to hire at the Italian Local Administrative Office (Prefettura).

Nulla Osta will be issued in the name of the person for whom the application has been made if deemed worthy considering the employer or employer’s income and other factors. The person with this nulla osta will

Saudi Visa and Processing Information:
There are different types of visas in Saudi Arabia. Such as domestic worker visa, home driving visa, company visa, Umrah visa, Hajj visa, visit visa or travel visa etc. These visa fees are different. There are different types of processing time and the total cost of completing these visas is also different. Below I am trying to give all kinds of information about Saudi visas.

Country name Italy
Online apply Date all Ready Apply
apply over date not known
visa website link
apply process online
Totally post 79800
Man 79000
Woman 800

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ইতালি ভিসা প্রসেস

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Italy Visa Application Form

Those who want to apply for Italy visa can download the application form directly from there through this website. You can download the application form for this visa through this link

Work visa in Saudi Arabia

There are two types of work visas in Saudi Arabia. The first is a company work visa and the second is a home-based work visa.

Homework or Amel Manzil Visa:

Basically, Amel Manzil or homework visa owner is free. But those who are direct passengers are always deprived of the opportunity to get this free visa. Especially those male passengers. However, female passengers can enjoy this facility.

Amel Manzil Visa Processing ঃ saudi arabia visa process

Processing this visa can sometimes be a hassle. First, after the visa is issued, the visa has to be advocated at the specified office. And this advocacy letter has to be sent to an office in Bangladesh. And all the processing work of the passenger is done from this office of Bangladesh.

First, the passenger has to undergo a medical examination from Gamka. Then the passenger gives a fit card when he passes the medical examination. Before applying for a visa in the passport, the visa has to be revoked and the passenger has to collect the police clearance. Then you have to pay a certain fee from the embassy and put the visa in the passport. Passengers have to do finger and training after applying for visa in the passport. Then you have to take the exit smart card in the passport from the manpower office. Then all the work is done after cutting the ticket of any plane.

Company work visa or Amel visa

Company work visas are usually not given free by the owners. Again at different times, the owner does not charge a visa fee from the passengers if he wishes. But even here, passengers cannot avail this facility. Usually, men go on company work visas.

Amel Visa Processing:

Visa processing for this job is very similar to Amel Manzil’s visa but there are some differences. Companie’s work visa can be obtained from any office and Musannat is not required before applying for a visa. Besides, all the processing work is like homework.

Visit to Saudi Arabia

This visa is usually issued by the passengers. In many cases, if you like Kafil Kao, you can give this visit visa.

Visit Visa Processing:
For the visit visa processing, the passenger will need all the necessary documents such as, if the passport is female, a copy of her husband’s Akama, a copy of the passport, a cabinet letter. Then the visa is affixed to the passport. In this case it takes 5 days

Come to Italy with a visa, contact the employer or employer, go to the local administrative office, execute the work contract and apply for a work permit. If you do not sign the work contract and do not get the courtesy of the person will be considered illegal from the beginning.

There is no scope for direct application

When a recruitment circular is issued in Italy or any other country, most of the interested applicants from Bangladesh usually flock to private agencies. But keep in mind that in Italy, like in the Middle East or other countries, you can’t apply through an agency if you want to.

Only employers will be able to apply for both seasonal and sponsor visas in the sectors listed in the circular, including agriculture, hotel-restaurant, construction sector. That is, if an employer doing business in agriculture or other sectors in Italy needs a worker for his organization, he will apply to a specific government department following the applicant’s detailed information and following all government rules.

If the government approves the application after verification and selection, the employer will then inform the applicant of the visa and other preparations.

Warning about illegal agency and unrealistic pay

Applicants from different districts of Bangladesh, without checking the salary structure of Italy and all the information, often get contracted for a huge amount of money like 10 to 15 lakh rupees.

As it turned out, the amount of money a person came to Italy for was equal to or less than his full year’s salary. There are many unscrupulous businessmen who offer visas to people in exchange for huge sums of money in the hope of making a seasonal profit even if they do not have the necessary staff in their business.

Where a seasonal visa is valid for only six months, it is not possible for a person to earn such a huge amount of money even after working twice as many working hours in the contract. In addition, many immigrants are asked to flee to various European countries after the expiration of their seasonal visas In such a situation they are in danger. Their asylum applications were later rejected in various countries as there was no logical reason to allow them to stay.

Language and technical skills

If an applicant is able to find a suitable employer, he or she must have sufficient technical skills and a minimum knowledge of Italian to apply for the job.

For example, if one is interested in coming to the construction sector as a general or semi-skilled worker, one should be mentally prepared about the weather in Italy and the working environment in the construction sector.

It is applicable for those who are interested in coming in all sectors including hotel-restaurant, agriculture. It has taken years and years before many of these visas have become illegal immigrants over the years. Again many are being sent back to Bangladesh from different countries of Europe.

Above all, an applicant should be aware of the government salary structure and all the expenses including accommodation, and make a decision.

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